Friday, June 24, 2011


assalamualaikum .

I wanna list up all my loved ones .

1. Painlam Bin Musa *my dad*

2. Raina Bt Mansor *my mom*

3. Shahrul Amir *my brother*

4. Ratu Amiera *my sister*

5. Pika Ryo *my sister*

6. Adam *my brother*

7. Naem Zubaidah *my sister*

8. Lynn *my bestie*

9. All my CUTE Bubbles , my AMAZING Siblings , my FANTASTIC Besties , my SUPERB Friends and my AWESOME Teachers .

10. Friendly Facebookers and Bloggers *hey that’s you ! ;)*

11. The Rest Of The People Worldwide .

Chopp ! there’s one name missing . I almost forgot . MOHD RIDZUAN BIN HASSIM .
Nama dia takde kt dlm list tu kan :) well , of course he’s not my number 1 or 2 or others . why ? because he’s in my Heart list . only One person in that list . yeah , just him :)

What’s the purpose for me writing all of this ? Well , it’s just a token of appreciation .
Sometimes , when I felt like I’m dying , all I have to do is think about the people I love .
It pretty much saved my life . Thanks all because help me get through all this .
Thank you very much .


aku tulis , korang baca :)

assalamualaikum semua !

Yunaa harap korg semua sihat yea (: sorry sbb lama tak update blog nie . busy lah  =.=
act yuna tak tahu pun nak story pasal apa . yela , many things happened and I can’t write it down , complicated sgt . btw , my bestfriend , Puteri Alia baru jadi freshie dekat Universiti somewhere in Kuala Pilah . dear Allah , miss her a lot doe ! hee~ well , I hope you enjoy kt sana babe *walaupun tanpa I*

okay lah , nak serious sikit ni . pasal my brother . Shahrul Amir .
what I wanna say is I’m truly sorry because I hurt your feelings a million times . I didn’t mean it. tak sengaja pun . tak pernah terlintas pun nak sakitkan hati kau abang . maklumlah , yuna anak tunggal , tak pernah merasa pun ade siblings dalam hidup yuna . So harap abang faham lah . yuna tak berapa pandai sgt dlm bab bab menjaga hati nie.
I hope you forgive me abang . adik just nak abang tahu that I miss you so much . tak pernah pun adik lalui hari hari dalam hidup adik without your name in it . Kakak Ratu yg byk teman adik time abang takde . Adik nak call abang but takut abang still sakit hati lagi . I’m so sorry okay abang . Adik sayang abg :’)

to Mister AA : dude , I want you back ! mcm dulu dulu . skype , chat , calls and texts . I miss you a lot . tapi yuna rasa you tak rindu I pun . hm , takpe lah kan . biar yuna sorang jea yg rindu kat you . I nak call you but numb you hilang . sedih punya pasal and nak lupakan you *konon nye* I’m so sorry sbb pernah sakitkan hati you . sorry sgt . tak sengaja pun . I sampai sakit sbb nangis pasal you . tapi you tak tahu kan ? hm , takpe you . tak perlu ambil tahu pasal I pun . I’m nobody :) I pernah menangis time my sis called . She’s the one yg tolong I lupakan you . tapi I tak boleh walaupun dah cuba . thanks a lot Kakak Eyna sebab tolong yuna . appreciate sangat :’)