Monday, November 29, 2010


ehee~ bkn na story pasal lady gaga but nak story pasal minah nie =P nama deaa AINUR FADZLIN BT ABD. MUTALIB :) haha . nama penuh yaww . but you can call her lynn . aku kenal ngn dea since form 1 , rapat since form 2 and smpai skg . belive it or not but deaa pena tak dtg skewl one week straight ! >.< crazy kan kan ? ^-^ if korg kenal dea , mmg best kawan ngn deaa sbb deaa gila gilaa . haha .
want to know anything pasal lady gaga , just ask her . ngaa~~ she's hot ! tgk pic kt atas pown da tahu kan kan ? ;) she's my bestie . so be careful klo korg nak cari gado ngn deaa sbb aku akan back up deaa .
wahaha~ the best thing about her is deaa ta ikut org lain . she's cool sajaa . kan kan ? :)
dea mmg terbaik !


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